Bat Repellent - 500 baits

Bat Repellent - 500 baits

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29.90 €
29.90 €

   Fast and effective product: repelling the bat in 5 minutes after ingestion of our paste.

   Ultra-repellent paste for bats.

   No taste change, the repellent is not detectable by bats.

   The paste is made with insect flesh to provide an irresistible flavor to bats.

   100% natural, non-biocidal repellent.

   Economical use: 500 baits can repel up to 500 bats.

   Suitable for all species of bats: eared bats, noctules, minioptera, horseshoe bats.


•   Distribute bait at places where bats pass.

•   Wait overnight, if some baits have been eaten, put them back in these places precisely, it is proof that bats have passed through there.